Massimiliano Calderai’s career began after brilliantly achieving his diploma with distinction in 1995, at the Luigi Cherubini conservatory in Florence. He achieved his first important award in 1996:  the First Prize in the soloist jazz category at the National Festival of Promising Youngs of Taranto. Massimiliano’s training path continued with different piano specialization courses, arrangement and jazz improvisation, under the guidance of some of the best Italian masters.

Each of Massimiliano’s artistic experiences enhancedhis career and developed his already incredible versatility, leading him to investigate and experiment, musically speaking, through numerous and different genres, from classical to gospel, from pop to jazz. Over the years he has participated in several festivals, both as a soloist and in Big Band, quartet, trio and duo, receiving numerous awards: during the Third Edition of the International Composition Competition “Maurice Ravel” he reached the semi-finals in the “Live Small Group” category with the song “Fly Away”; in 2017 he received the artistic merit highlight at the XII Savona Piano Composition Competition with the song “Il Viaggio di Pauline”. He has currently played in more than 250 concerts.

In 2018 he played as accompanist Maestro of the choir of the Verdi Music School, which won the first prize at the nineteenth edition of the National Competition “Etruscan Riviera” in Piombino.

His interest in various musical genres led him to compose music for various ensembles, from the piano to the string quintet, the trio and the jazz quintet.

In 2018 he released “9 studies between jazz and classical”for Sinfonica jazz,presenting it at the G. Verdi School of Music in Prato and, later, at the Conservatory L. Cherubini in Florence, receiving a unanimous consent from the critics.

In 2020 he released with Gabriele Mirabassi “Due Suites” for Clarinet and Piano, for Sinfonica jazz.

Over the years he has made several soundtracks (the DVD “Baciami di più” for the Luisa store in Via Roma, Tera Energy ..).His interest for soundtracks led him to achieve the Master Mai, for music applied to the image in 2021.

Many are collaborations with jazz, classic and pop musicians and arrangements for some Italian singer-songwriters, 

For over twenty years he has also been a music teacher, always looking for a modern approach that takes into account the traditional piano school but also attentive to new languages.